Google Apps Deployment Engineer Posted Oct 25, 2013
LTech , Bridgewater, NJ
LTech, a technology consulting firm that specializes in Cloud-computing, is seeking a Google Apps Deployment Engineer to support two of its primary service offerings. Ideal candidates must have the following management experience:

* Transitions to new email platforms; migration from Lotus Notes to Exchange or Exchange to Lotus Notes or from any email platform to a Cloud or hosted email platform.

* Infrastructure management such as managing a data center operation.

* Managing any type of infrastructure change; server consolidation, server virtualization, deployment to Cloud infrastructure, etc.

Also, the ideal candidate must be proficient with the following technologies:

Windows server
Linux server
Email; MS Exchange, Lotus Notes, Cloud-based email
Internet; LDAP, HTTP, TCP.IP, Security
Knowledge of Google Apps

Specific duties will include:

* Change Management; overseeing and helping clients transition their email and applications to Cloud environment.

* Assisting with pre-sales support; conference calls, writing proposals, face-to-face client meetings, etc.

* Developing an in-depth technical understanding of technical challenges and working with vendors and business partners to design solutions.

* Extensive experience architecting infrastructure solutions.

* Designing the engineering of solutions to configure and deploy Windows and Linux based applications to Cloud platforms such as Amazon EC2.

* Managing resources that manage infrastructure of applications deployed in Cloud environments.

* Managing the migration of users from MS Exchange and Lotus Notes to Google Apps.

* Managing Support Technicians that are responsible for production support phone calls, help desk shift work.

* Developing assets to support LTech's business such as internal policies and procedures and client facing documents.

* Testing of tools developed by LTech.