Google Apps Deployment Engineer Posted Oct 25, 2013
LTech , Bridgewater, NJ
  • This employer requests that only candidates within 100 miles of Bridgewater, NJ apply to this job.

    You appear to be located near Ashburn, VA, more than 100 miles from Bridgewater, NJ.

    Please be aware of this if you choose to apply for this job.

LTech, a technology consulting firm that specializes in Cloud-computing, is seeking a Google Apps Deployment Engineer to support two of its primary service offerings. Ideal candidates must have the following management experience:

* Transitions to new email platforms; migration from Lotus Notes to Exchange or Exchange to Lotus Notes or from any email platform to a Cloud or hosted email platform.

* Infrastructure management such as managing a data center operation.

* Managing any type of infrastructure change; server consolidation, server virtualization, deployment to Cloud infrastructure, etc.

Also, the ideal candidate must be proficient with the following technologies:

Windows server
Linux server
Email; MS Exchange, Lotus Notes, Cloud-based email
Internet; LDAP, HTTP, TCP.IP, Security
Knowledge of Google Apps

Specific duties will include:

* Change Management; overseeing and helping clients transition their email and applications to Cloud environment.

* Assisting with pre-sales support; conference calls, writing proposals, face-to-face client meetings, etc.

* Developing an in-depth technical understanding of technical challenges and working with vendors and business partners to design solutions.

* Extensive experience architecting infrastructure solutions.

* Designing the engineering of solutions to configure and deploy Windows and Linux based applications to Cloud platforms such as Amazon EC2.

* Managing resources that manage infrastructure of applications deployed in Cloud environments.

* Managing the migration of users from MS Exchange and Lotus Notes to Google Apps.

* Managing Support Technicians that are responsible for production support phone calls, help desk shift work.

* Developing assets to support LTech's business such as internal policies and procedures and client facing documents.

* Testing of tools developed by LTech.